5 Southern Recipes For The End Of Summer

Well, summer is about over, September 22nd to be exact. And while some of you are excited about welcoming another season and cooler weather, others aren’t so happy. So to try to make everyone smile, lets talk about food. Good food. Mouth watering food. Let’s talk about 5 southern recipes for the end of summer that you will […]

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It’s all in the details when entertaining

It’s all in the details when entertaining. Regardless if you are hosting a big or small event, whether it’s a formal or casual dinner party, or even a night in the backyard with a few neighbors, every event or gathering deserves some attention to the details. And although some of these ideas are not very complex […]

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Centerpieces Worth Conversation

Table centerpieces can be tricky. They should be pretty and festive, but not so big as to impede conversation or dining. And, while they can certainly be expensive and elaborate, you don’t have to spend a lot to have a gorgeous centerpiece. Here are some creative examples of centerpieces worth conversation, and how to create your […]

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The Essentials of Southern Girl Style

Southern Girl Style is as charming as the southern accents that go along with it! Whether it comes to clothes or home decor, there are several essentials every Southern Girl knows when it comes to style. Today I am going to show you the beloved essential southern style traits in both wardrobes and home decor. Every Southern Girl knows… It Must […]

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Canning 101: You can CAN!

Do you remember those bright yellow guide books for “dummies”? I couldn’t help but think of those funny (and a tiny bit insulting) books when I began investigating how to can food for the first time. Not surprisingly, Dummies offers multiple canning and preserving guidebooks.  But for those of us canning novices who don’t have […]

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5 Southern Charm Table Tips

There’s no denying that Southerners love to entertain.  From the front porch to the dining room, small crowd to larger ones, fancy or casual affairs, we will find any excuse to have great company and conversation around our table. And despite some old southern traditions, the manner in which we set our table and the southern […]

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